I turned 26 yesterday.

To celebrate, my very bestest friends came over for lunch. I cooked roast lamb, we opened many bottles, and fun was had by all. They made me a cake with a bear on it (wub!). Then came the Activity.

Everyone brought along a book to read from. On arrival they were presented with a second book, tightly tied up with string. One by one, each person had to go upstairs to my Writing Room, with their two books. Inside the second book, was a hollowed out cavity containing two items (ie. a key, a baby's sock, an eyeball, a roll of film). On page 69 of the book was a highlighted word. Each person had to write a page of narrative which included: the two items, the highlighted word, and the corresponding word in their own book. They also had to use the previous person's last line as their first, but without reading the rest of it.

Later today (or, depending on how many hot cross buns I eat, tomorrow), I'm going to blog the exquisite corps of a story, along with what books people brought, and idealised self portraits
of each writer, executed with craft materials on a coloured egg.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely, lovely friends. Not everyone can say 'hey! I'm going to have a party that involves secret creative writing activities', and have their friends leap into it with such gusto. I heart you all.