Lili vs Shop Assistant

(the following takes place in a bustling clothes shop in Melbourne Central)

Lili: (hands over item of clothing and credit card)

Shop Assistant: How's your day been?

Lili: Fine, thanks.

SA: Got any plans for this afternoon?

Lili: Going back to work.

SA: You work around here?

Lili: At the State Library.

SA: The what?

Lili: The Library. The big one over the road.

SA: ???

Lili: It's that really big old building that takes up a whole city block. Pillars. Lawn. Statues.

SA: Sorry...?

Lili: You really can't miss it. It's been there for 155 years. Just up those stairs? You can pretty much SEE it from here.

SA: No... Sorry.

Lili: Give me back my credit card.