self-congratulatory post

Joan was reviewed in The Age yesterday. This is my favourite bit:

Wilkinson never condescends to her young readers but her history is accessible and interesting. Surely a dream come true for any history teacher.

I very much like the "never condescends" bit, because that's something I feel very strongly about. However, the last sentence means that any young person reading the review will be immediately turned off, but how many young people read the literary pages of The Age anyway? Let's face it, there's not much for them there. Still, a message to any brave young thing daring to venture past the reviews of architectural theory books and histories of the first world war: in Joan there are also some gruesome battles, and references to tuberculosis of the brain brought on by drinking unpasteurised cow's milk. And pants. Pants are very important.

I like being referred to as "Wilkinson". Makes me feel very grown up.