Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss

...that's the title of a new animated children's movie.

(don't worry, they don't die at the end of this one)

can you guess the twist?

i'll give you a clue...

Romeo and Juliet: SEALed with a Kiss

here is the plot summary from moviesite:

Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss is a fully animated feature fantasy about two star-crossed seals from warring families that fall in love against their parents' wishes. When Juliet's father gives her hand in marriage to the monstrous elephant seal Prince, Juliet must fake her death in order to be reunited with Romeo. But the plan goes afoul and it's a desperate race to the end. With the help of their friends Friar Lawrence and Kissy, the kissing fish, the day is saved and the young lovers are reunited.

i hope this brought you as much mirth as it did me...