my very first internet meme

i feel so proud to be a part of this...

from the munkey. (and as an aside, how much do we love munkeys and turtles? or not-turtles. is that the same as mock turtles?)

the a to z of a lili

Accent: Australian. Melbourne-Australian to be precise. That means I say "Malbourne" instead of "Melbourne". It was called posh at school cause my mum is a pom.

Booze: The wine of the red. The beer. The ginandtonic. But no yellow. I don't do yellow liquor. (don't say that to a lesbian, btw. they think you're being racist).

Chore I hate: I second the Munkey: WASHING DISHES.

Dog or cat: Cat. I like both, but a dog loves you unconditionally. And loves EVERYONE unconditionally. You have to earn a cat's respect before it will love you. I like that.

Essential electronics: My laptop. it plays music and dvds and helps me talk to other people. I'm rather fond of the iPod as well.

Favourite perfume: I wear something French called Olene by Diptyque.

Gold or silver: Silver, unless it's nana-glamour. Then gold.

Hometown: Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I was born in the front room, and I'm (as of very recently) back there for a while.

Insomnia: Often. I listen to talking books to lull me to sleep. Stephen Fry reading his autobiography is a favourite.

Job title: By Day: Web Project Manager and Event Coordinator. By Night: author.

Kids: judging my the monstrous Year 7s I had to give a tour to yesterday: NEVER.

Living arrangements: Back with my parents until I go overseas later this year.

Most admirable trait: I'm honest. This is also my least admirable trait.

Number of sexual partners: erm. Five. Or six, depending on your definition.

Overnight hospital stays: None.

Phobias: Vomit.

Quote: Read in order to live. Gustave Flaubert. Or, I am a part of everything I have read. John Kieran.

Religion: None.

Siblings: None.

Time I wake up: 7am. On the dot. Whether my alarm is set or not. It's a bit creepy.

Unusual talent or skill: I can tie a cherry stalk into a know using my tongue. I do a good impersonation of Yoda dying.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Squash. Who would want to eat a vegetable with a name like squash? Really.

Worst habit: Speaking my mind. Also biting my cuticles.

X-rays: Once. For the wisdom teeth. The dentist looked at it, went a funny colour, and said "Did I ever mention that you look like Nicole Kidman? bythewayyouhavetogotohospitalsoonbeforeyourteeth-

Yummy foods I make: I make good chili. I'm good at dishes that involve opening tins of things and cooking them.

Zodiac sign: Aries.